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The Food Chain

food chain. The unit functions as part of the broader fourth grade study of ecosystems in which the students have constructed an 'eco-column'. This allows ... online activities. The final assessment will require a ninety minute period and access to an online database for each student. The instructional package provides all ...



Level: 1st/2nd and higher grades. THE FOOD WEB (continued). 5. Continue to pass the string until all students are connected by the “food web,” many will be connected more than once. Discuss what the students see as they look at the web. (With younger students, this can be the end of the activity.) Extension 1:.

Gardens Curriculum 2010-- one doc.pdf


UNIT OVERVIEW Every living thing is part of an ecosystem. Food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids can be helpful tools for understanding how the living things in an ecosystem depend on each other for the energy they need to perform daily activities. The Food Chains unit helps students explore the roles that ...


Food Chain Predator Prey

Grade: 5. Title: Food Chain/ Predator & Prey. Jennifer Lynn Richardson. Student Learning Objective(s):. 1. Explore, observe, and describe the world around them. 2. Students ... students to bring 1 hanger from home for the lesson*; paper plates (4 per group), single hole puncher; any color ... List the second animal. Now do ...

Grade 5 Food Chain Predator Prey.pdf

Food Web Lesson Plan

Food Web. Summary. Students will be introduced to some of the organisms in an aquatic ecosystem. The concept of food webs and the many roles organisms ... dynamic equilibrium that sustains life. • Key Idea 6: Plants and animals depend on each other and their physical environment. Grade Level(s): 3-5. Time: 30-45 ...


Figuring Out Food Chains

Grades K–3. Synopsis. Information about different types of food webs and food chains are presented in this book. Young children are en- couraged to illustrate their own ... Academies Press. National Research Council (NRC). 2012. A framework for. K–12 science education: Practices, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas.

Figuring Out Food Chains.pdf

Food Chain Game

Food Chain Game. 1. KEEP Energy Education Activity Guide ltheme I: we need energy l. Summary: Students use research skills to investigate various viewpoints surrounding. Grade Level: (K–4) 5–8. Subject Areas: Agriculture. Education, Language Arts,. Mathematics, Science. (Environmental, Life [Biology]).


Whale Jenga: A Food Web Game

http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/education. Lesson Plan. Whale Jenga: A Food Web Game. Activity Summary. Students will use the game Jenga to learn about the ... on that food web. Everything is connected. If the balance on one level is disturbed too much by climate change, the other levels will be affected as well. Grade Level.

Whale Jenga A Food Web Game_October_2015.pdf

The Monarch Mission

The mission of the National Wildlife Federation is to inspire. Americans to protect wildlife and natural resources for our children's future. The National Wildlife Federation has been a leader in developing high quality educational programming focused on the study and observation of nature, earth sys- tems and wildlife to ...


Teacher's Guide to Wetland Activities

school level (Grades 4-5) will enhance their knowledge while developing an appreciation for science and ... An excellent complement to the classroom activities in this guide, would be a field trip to a local wetland .... topics including the water cycle, food chains, food webs, the importance of habitat, human impacts and how ...

TR Wetlands activities DU.pdf

Food Webs

NOEPS: Food Webs: Grades K-5. Page 4 of 10. Lesson: Introduce yourself as a representative of NOAA and PSB. Show students (slide 1) where we are .... second timer. (Keep slide 11 up so they know what they may eat) They need to use their 30 seconds to grab as many food items as they see and put them in the lid.


Food Chain Game

This activity downloaded from the CPAWS Education website: www. cpawscalgary.org/education. - Page 1 -. Food Chain Game. There are probably dozens of variants of the Animal Game - this version may be one of the simpler versions. In this experiential outdoor game students assume the role of producers , consumer, or ...


Ecosystem Food Web Mural

1 www.fergusonfoundation.org. Ecosystem Food Web Mural. Summative Activity for Ecosystem Diversity. Overview. Students will research and present information on organisms found in a specific aquatic habitat and then combine their information to create a food web mural. Lesson. Planner. Use the table below for lesson ...


Grade 8: Module 4: Unit 2: Overview

GRADE 8: MODULE 4: UNIT 2: OVERVIEW. Unit-at-a-Glance. Lesson. Lesson Title. Long-Term Targets. Supporting Targets. Ongoing. Assessment. Anchor Charts &. Protocols. Lesson 5. Determining Cascading. Consequences Using The. Omnivore's Dilemma: Industrial. Organic Food Chain. • I can cite text-based  ...


food chain

Book List. 451. Texas Safety Standards: Kindergarten through grade 12 science .... Activity Sheet 8: Food Chain Links Make several copies of this sheet to use for building food chains. • 12” x 18” piece of ..... Second Grade activities and assessments do not require any open flames or heating of objects nor the use of any ...


Environmental Literacy Unit Plan 1 NGSS Unit Plan Title of Unit

Grade: 5. Title: What's for Dinner? Authors: Amy Johnson, Key; Mike Mangiaracina, Brent;. Catherine Osman, Langley; Elizabeth Quevedo, Bruce Monroe ... Food chain worksheets: http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/food- chain.html .... long term in the ecosystem by building a second food web for analysis.



We have worked with schools and businesses in the region to divert food scraps from restaurants and cafeterias and ..... Reusing a package is second best. ... Introductory. Activity. Grades 2-6. Objective. Participants will play a tag game that illustrates the cycle of life and the role of decomposers in the food web. Time.


Lesson Plans

Ecosystem Lesson Plan. Food Chain/Food Web. Keywords: ecosystem, dependence, living things, nonliving things. Grade Level: 3 rd. /4 th. Setting: Classroom. Subjects Covered: Science. Goals: Students will be capable of describing an ecosystem. Students will create a simple food chain. Students will create a food web.


Who Eats Who?

Program Description: Appropriate for ages 7 - 10 (2nd – 5th grades). Focus on predator/prey ... Talk about competition and what that means to an ecosystem and food chains/webs. Key Activities: Name that „Vore Game – Define and talk about Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores. Discuss food chains and webs and how ...


Topic 5 What is a Food Chain?

Teacher Background Knowledge. ▫ A food chain is the transfer of food energy from one organism to another as each consumes a lower member and in turn is preyed upon by a higher member. A food chain includes the sun, plants, and animals. ▫ A food chain always starts with the sun, then plant life, and ends with an ...