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Beyond 2012 -- A Handbook for the New Era

Jul 5, 2009 ... that they are not divine, but a technologically very advanced species from other dimensions. In this ... material, I am convinced you will feel much more multidimensional than you did before you started. ..... goal in mind, the Multiverse is opening itself, making room for your decision to progress into action.


The Pleiadian Agenda

Dec 21, 2012 ... With the advent of artificial light started to imagine that you could know your inner self to note that the new visible light to all and that's how we begin to ...... your spine very straight. We, the. Pleiadians We are here to convince the higher dimensional beings invited to the Fiesta, to make additional teachings.


Mahatma Ascension Reiki

Mar 8, 2002 ... sacred geometric shapes will come pouring through your crown chakra and begin flowing through your entire meridian system. The higher you go in spiritual evolution, the more key codes and fire letters are available for activation and anchoring. Ascension Technique Number Three. Call forth the Microtron ...


The Navigators of the AbZu - Alloya

As you travel the complexity of your Multidimensional Creation, you will meet only Yourself. On each dimension I met a defined character who expressed itself within a form ...... myself like the Flower of Life and create a brand new Universe that was more than the sum .... with the integration of my higher versions of self.

The Navigators of the AbZu- Part One.pdf

Valdamar Valerian

Dec 21, 2012 ... in your life. You would really have to be dead from the neck up not to turn your life around after reading and undedanding Matrix IV. Reading the book will ..... The Flower of Life. Tbe Osiriaa Temple. Derivations of the Flower of Life Symbol ! kcred Geometric Consideratiom. The Tree of Ufe Superimposed on ...

Valdamar Valerian - Matrix IV.pdf

In Resonance

reference material to help awaken you to your higher purpose and self-mastery. The motivation of .... their vibrational frequency or resonance – and we also have higher bodies or energy fields which resonate at a ... meditation allows us to open to inner guidance – to learn to listen to the whispers of our. Divine Self until the ...


DNA Healing

[email protected] If you like to respond to this book please send your comments to the above mentioned e-mail address. I do appreciate your ...... you that scientists are using sacred geometry, the geometry of Phi, to create a ...... found that continued the creation process beyond the Flower of Life pattern, that's why ...

D.N.A. Healing.pdf


most of your inner being operates at a higher frequency of consciousness. It manages many essential functions for you while your outer self focuses upon the experience of life in the external world through your five senses. As members of the human race, we are spiritual adventurers who have projected ourselves.

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64DakiniOracle.org © Penny Slinger 2010 62 CRYSTAL GAIA EEW

for you. This can be done through Astrogemology ans related fields. We come into contact with the world of crystals through the jewelry we wear. Crystal Gaia .... The term Dakini is found in Hindu and Buddhist spiritual teachings. ...... initiation that will help release blocked energy in this sacred region of your inner self.


thE crazy WIsdoM coMMunItyJournal

May 30, 2014 ... Bloom Garden Center, an “artsy boutique-style garden center,” just opened in what used to be the Dexter Gardens facility and will house a ... loss for life and improving self-esteem. See Article on page 18. Professional photographer Conrad Davillier creates a whimsical scene where children can enact the ...


Volume 1 Where Were You Before The Tree of Life

Where Were You. Before the Tree of Life? The true history of the darkness and of the Light. Volume 1. By Peter R. Farley. For the Spiritual Hierarchy, with love and gratitude ..... in helping maintain the balance between all the inner the multidimensional worlds of the human being and their outer world in which they must ...



Jan 1, 2010 ... help people “connect to the fact that when you are eating, you're using all of your senses. We don't even look at what we are eating all of the time. We ... Ypsilanti- based therapist, life coach, motivational speaker and meditation ..... the Path of Self-Realization through art, yoga, sacred geometry, sacred.


6 Great Questions That Will Help You Find Your Focus Copyright

focus so you can do what you want to do and feel great about your life while you' re doing it. 1. What do I care about ..... dumb (a negative event), instead of raging or feeling upset and embarrassed, you can use some self- ...... a mental "opening up" to the divine, invoking the guidance of a higher power reasoned analysis of.



Jun 9, 2010 ... They've opened up on West Stadium, across from Westgate Shopping Center. New holistic practitioner Kate Boyd is offering massage therapy, Reiki and ... Multidimensional. Transformative Healing: Reading. Your Body as Sacred Text. Invite Magic into your life with the Faerie Flowers Essences. Personal ...


EYE of the HEART

of your heart you will also recognise the peace [concord] of the Scriptures and you will have peace with the Scriptures and .... this world and spiritual teaching for the numberless errors of this life?' 28 John Cassian, Conference ..... kind of reading that invites the monk's inner self into a profound dialogue with the page before ...


Nature, Theophany, and the Rehabilitation of Consciousness

organ of perception known as] the Heart,. 28 where the rational self meets the soul's consciousness.” 29. Hence, an informed and balanced perspective with an understanding or actual cognition of the transformed higher self and its relation to the Divine Absolute is essential to the life-transaction (dīn) of all human beings.


Scientific Illuminism

At least Liber AL vel Legis prepares us for this obscurant situation. AL:II.59 " Beware therefore! Love all, lest perchance is a King concealed! Say you so? Fool ! If he be ... it may have a dark doppelganger that lives in a world outside our own. .... brain in one dimension and to an incorporeal 'higher self' in another dimension.

Scientific Illuminism.pdf


human life. On the other hand, if a person cannot meditate, he/ she will lack courage, poise and confidence to achieve his purpose. Meditation is beyond all processes ...... from one's inner self. Fasting is a tool for doing Tapa and to attach to your inner-being. It is a part of Jain festivals. It is of three types based on the level of ...

Total health by meditation full book.pdf

The Unicorn Messiah 2015

prophecies, earth mysteries, lucid dreams, biblical midrash, plus tongue- in- cheek parables garnished with authentic Kabbalistic teachings. You will discover ..... So, dear reader, kindly sign this release form, open your third ear and incant .... meeting with our friend Yohannah who imagines her new self to be the Messiah.



To set you on your feet again. Maybe you'll get a replacement. There's plenty like me to be found. The disillusionment with this kind of life can best be seen in the chorus: So goodbye yellow brick road. Where the dogs of society howl. You can't plant me in your penthouse. I'm going back to my plough. Back to the howling old  ...