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How Inclusive is Judaism?

Rabbi Edward Friedman opens his thoughtful discussion of disabilities in The Observant Life: “If we live ... influenced either by the context or by the cognate noun nega„, which means “plague” or “affliction.” But the verb naga„ ... The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards rules therefore that the deaf are of the same ability.


Serving Jewish Children With Disabilities and Their Families

again, we in the Jewish community shut our doors to people with disabilities, or we serve them in ... Therefore they have little legal obligation to serve or hire people with disabilities. Unfortunately, this “pass” has .... disabilities benefited from being exposed in a Jewish context to the diversity of. Jewish people that God put on ...

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Hebrew ones). Unfortunately, the citations in Tzvi Marx, Disability in Jewish Law ( Jewish Law in Context; London: Routledge, 2002), are often incorrect, rendering his work problematic. 2 David Feldman, "Deafuess and Jewish Law and Tradition ," in The Deaf Jew in the Modern. World (New York: Ktav, 1986), p. 23.

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Hineinu - Jewish Guide to Creating Inclusive Communities Full.pdf

of whether a disability is apparent, Judaism understands that because each person is unique, ... in the richness of Judaism.1. 1 Adapted from the 2011 URJ Resolution “In Support of Access to Lifelong Jewish Learning for Jews with. Disabilities”. 2 Adapted from “Creating a ..... training on the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Hineinu - Jewish Guide to Creating Inclusive Communities Full.pdf

reproductive genetics in the israeli-jewish context

Studies have shown that Israeli women and the Israeli legal, religious and medical .... and from Jewish religious tradition, which is unreceptive of severe physical and mental disability. Thus, contemporary Israeli society values healthy, fit, .... Israeli politics in the context of coalition demands made by Orthodox Jewish parties ...


When Others Must Choose

When Others Must Choose. Deciding for Patients. Without Capacity. The New York State. Task Force on Life and the Law ... treatment, organ transplantation, the treatment of disabled newborns and new technologies and practices to ... Professor of Jewish Law and Ethics, Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. Evan Calkins ...


Guide to Jewish Values and Disability Rights

disability in Jewish law. Jewish texts .... Approaches to disability within Jewish law have changed over time. The status ..... social context. The Temple where the priests once offered sacrifices has been destroyed; now, priestly duties center upon the synagogue. Priests are charged with offering a blessing to the. Rabbi Jack ...


Disability and Deafness, in the context of Religion, Spirituality, Belief

A few studies are listed on abortion in religious law or ethics ... This is an unhappy branch of law in any country or religious context. Yet because it is often a strongly contested area, it is also one that elicits the expression of ... also particular Jewish texts) that derive from Middle Eastern history, and in which disability and.


Why Disability Studies Needs to Take Religion Seriously

Sep 13, 2017 ... ways, and that we cannot coherently talk about “disability in Judaism” as if it is a single thing. Third, it discusses the ... context and investment to understand. Quantitative methods ..... (Wendell 1996, p. 14). Some of the observation that Jewish law treats different disabilities differently can be attributed to the.


Disability Studies From Werewolves to Heph estus D

iscourses of Disability'. 'Halakha & Handicap: Jewish Law ... mental disabilities in the context of "social practices and cultural ... "Disabled people are the active case for looking at how soci- ety defines people and their value." Publishers, meanwhile, are feeding the growing interest in disability studies with books on disability ...


"Dear Colleague" letter from Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights

Oct 26, 2010 ... letter focuses on the elementary and secondary school context, the legal principles also apply to postsecondary ..... actually Jewish. The harassment was still based on the perceived ancestry or ethnic characteristics of the targeted students. Furthermore, the harassment negatively affected the ability and ...


Analysis of Israelis [Jews and Arab–Palestinians]: exploring law in

Aug 6, 2015 ... Context: Email alerts: Click here. Subscriptions: Click here. Commercial reprints: Click here. Terms of use : Click here. Analysis of Israelis [Jews and Arab– Palestinians]: exploring law in society and society in law. Gad Barzilai. International Journal of Law in Context / Volume 11 / Issue 03 / September 2015,  ...


Family Planning and Government Regulation: Jewish Law

Steven H. Resnicoff, Family Planning and Government Regulation: Jewish Law Perspectives, 15 DePaul J. Health Care L. 15 (2013). Available at: ... Professor, DePaul University College of Law; Co-Director of the College of Law's Center for Jewish ...... care to human life, and to prevent human disabilities from developing.


Yad Vashem

still being used today to describe the fate of the Jews in Nazi-dominated. Europe, although the dominant usage in American English since the middle of the 1960s is of the word Holocaust. In Hebrew, the word Shoah is used, and it appears more and more frequently in English-language texts. Genocide is a legal term for the ...

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with governments on their disability laws and policies, advises a number of UN bodies and national human rights ... people with disabilities in the Jewish world and beyond” (inaugural recipient) (January 2014). [Global] ..... SOCIO- ECONOMIC RIGHTS: INTERNATIONAL LAW IN CONTEXT ___ (Malcolm Langford & Eibe.


The Exclusion of Jews from Romanian Society during the Antonescu

It did not attempt to deprive the Jews of citizenship, since in the new context Romanian citizenship was irrelevant. The Classification of Jews in Romania. The August 8, 1940, law placed Jews into three categories. The first9 category included Jews who had entered Romania after December 30, 1918; these Jews were ...


The Nuremberg Laws: Creating the Road to the T-4 Program

The first, the “Reich Citizenship Law” revoked the status of Jews as legal citizens and ... or Jewish. Later this law was expanded by the Nazis to label minorities as non-German citizens. The “Law for the Protection of Hereditary Health” stated that ... In this context, Nazi doctors could conduct experiments without any legal.


Walking with Justice

Jewish law. Putting aside the neo-fundamentalist definition of bat-mitzvah as an adult – or to paraphrase the proverbial bar-mitzvah speech, “Today I become a man” – the ... extremely selective ways, choosing to ignore the fact that Judaism permits abortion only in very limited cases and .... 7 In this context, the principle of .


Handbook of Patients' Spiritual and Cultural Values for Health Care

cultural, religious, spiritual, and personal values as well as to religious and other spiritual ... policy and evaluate compliance with relevant laws, regulations and standards. ... Jews believe: Jesus Christ is not the messiah. The Hebrew Scripture (Christian Old Testament). Muslims believe: Jesus (called 'Isa) was a prophet.

Cultural Sensitivity handbook from HealthCare Chaplaincy (3-12 2013).pdf

AALS 112th Annual Meeting

[3190] Disability Law, Co-Sponsored by. Election Law, Law and Mental Disability, and. Legislation and Law of the Political Process –. Could We Pass the ADA Today? Disability. Rights in an Age of Partisan Polarization. [3195] Empirical Study of Legal Education and the Legal Profession – Framing an Agenda for the Work ...