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PAUL EDWARD DUTTON Department of Humanities Simon Fraser

AREAS OF INTEREST: Early Medieval History; the Carolingian Empire; Micro Medieval Studies; the 12th-Century Renaissance; Latin. Palaeography; Medieval Platonism; Historical Dreams; Eriugena; Medieval Weather. AUTHOR/EDITOR of 8 books: Many Europes: Choice and Chance in Western Civilization, with Suzanne ...


The Meaning of Progress

In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, virtually all literate people in Europe and North. America accepted without ... For much of the non-Western world, however, the notion of human progress was unknown ... Although progress can be identified with improvements in public life, civilization, ethical behavior, religious ...



Education; Teaching Guides; Western Civilization;. World Affairs; *World History ... Documents acquired by ERIC include many informal unpublished materials not available from other sources. ERIC makes every effort to obtain ..... roughly predictable, chance and choice still make the actual be- havior of human beings nlore ...


The Pocket Prof

Many college courses provide students with opportunities to exchange ideas with their peers and professors in online forums. ... larger, public issues, perhaps resulting from policies, and applying to many people in society (Giddens, Duneier .... Word choice and phrasing reflect college vocabulary. □. □. □. MECHANICS.


The sea route to Europe: The Mediterranean passage in the age of

Jul 1, 2015 ... and conflict, principally Syria, Afghanistan,. Iraq and Somalia. From Greece, most move onwards across the Balkans to western and northern Europe. Italy remains the primary ... value as long as civilization has flourished. There ... The lack of legal routes leaves no choice for many men, women and children ...


The Fame of Abelard

... the warrior, priest or worker class.20 The rulers believed that as long as these classes were running efficiently and remained loyal to the king the monarchy would survive. 16 Paul Edward Dutton et al. Many Europes: Choice and Chance in Western Civilization (New. York: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2014), 250. 17 Ibid, 250.


NATO Final Report- Intro

Therefore, it is most important to study the both 'Ukraine's European Choice' as well the West's response to ... to no chance of re-emerging as the dominant influence in the former Warsaw Pact states of. CEE. While it is .... and argues that a new security order based on civilizations is taking place in Europe where. Russia will ...


Western Civilization to 1600

This course is a survey of the history of western civilization from prehistoric times to the. Renaissance. ... class discussions. The exam questions will be a combination of multiple choice and short .... want to volunteer. Remember, though, that there will be a limited number of chances, and I will not provide extra questions.

Syllabus HI131.pdf

Scoring Key and Rating Guide

Jun 21, 2005 ... of the rain forest and subsequent deforestation, or many of the proposals made at the gathering of nations in ...... civilization? Score of 1: Identifies a positive, unexpected outcome of the Crusades on Western civilization. Examples: greatly expanded knowledge of geography; veil of the mysterious East had ...


Physical activity and health in Europe: evidence for action

Sea in the south and from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east. ... Physical fitness 3.Exercise 4.Life style 5.Health behavior. 6. Health status indicators 7.Health promotion 8.Europe I.Cavill, Nick. II.Kahlmeier, Sonja III .Racioppi, Francesca ...... fessions, many of which do not have physical activity as a.


Turkey and the EU: A 'new' European identity in the making?

'The EU is in the process of building a civilization in which Turkey has no place', stated the European .... form of social identity it is the attempt at an EU identity or profile that has the highest chance of success, as it is ... the model (Federici, 1995 ). Hegel explicitly stated that 'history moves from East to West, for Europe is the ...


Guide to Kremlin's disinformation & influence operations in Europe

Sep 17, 2017 ... speaking media as well as by her share of space in important topics and areas she many times exceeds ... defender of the principled response, and Poland is missing out on the chance to be a genuine, ..... 12) There is an important phenomenon notable in Western Europe – generally strong European.


The Impact of the Encounter on the Americas and Europe

In many ways, the arrival of Europeans in the. Western Hemisphere marked the beginning of the end for American civilizations of great achievement and vari- ety and led directly to the largest and most tragic demo- graphic collapse in human history. Meanwhile, for the. Europeans, the encounter with the Americas provided  ...


The Age of Imperialism (1870–1914)

Many Westerners believed that Europe should civilize their little brothers beyond the seas. According to this view, non-whites would received the blessings of Western civilization, including medicine, law, and Christianity. Rudyard Kipling ( 1865–1936) in his famous poem, “The White Man's Burden” expressed this mission in ...


Max Weber's Types of Rationality: Cornerstones for the Analysis of

you have obtained prior permission, you may not download an entire issue of a journal or multiple copies of articles, and you may use content ..... American civilization. Although Weber oriented these investigations to the question why "ra- tionalized societies" arose only in the West, the types of rationality and. 7 Theoretical ...


Persuasive Essays

of western civilization through guided educational tours. Many of the historic sites and ... Europe, Rome provides tourists with many opportunities to experience cultural events; many of them are especially made ... Carnival, and if you have the chance to visit the city during this time you will see the most beautiful and famous ...

Persuasive Essays_allTogether3.pdf

The Intellectual Pre-Eminence of Jews in Modern Europe

THE INTELLECTUAL PRE-EMINENCE OF JEWS IN. MODERN EUROPE. A MONG all the clamorous projects of national self- determination which surround the return of peace the proposal of ... what is aimed at, as of the chances of its working-out. The ... and value of the Jewish people in western civilization should come to ...


xenophobia, identity politics and exclusionary populism in western

WESTERN EUROPE. HANS-GEORG BETZ. In the most recent local election in Belgium, the Vlaams Blok gained more than. 35 per cent of the vote in Antwerp, .... poration of differentialist racism in the Front National, for many years Western ... mental values of our civilization'.19 For this, the party proposed to accord.


Address given by Mikhail Gorbachev to the Council of Europe (6

Jul 3, 2015 ... Caption: On 6 July 1989, addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Mikhail Gorbachev, First. Secretary of the ... are becoming a thing of the past, the Europeans have a truly unique chance — to play a role in building a ... I know that many people in the West perceive that the main.


Inequality, unemployment and contemporary Europe

The subject of economic and social inequality involves many such dilemmas. ... The choice of the “evaluative space” is extremely important for normative judgments and can have much relevance for policy decisions (discussed in Sen, 1992). .... Unemployment has dramatically risen in much of western Europe, whereas.