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Microfluidic Droplet Manipulations and Their Applications

... of each approach for various applications. M.G. Simon • A.P. Lee (*). Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California-Irvine, Irvine, CA, USA e-mail: [email protected] P. Day et al. (eds.), Microdroplet Technology: Principles and Emerging. Applications in Biology and Chemistry, Integrated Analytical Systems,.


Formation of surface nanodroplets under controlled flow conditions

Jun 5, 2017 ... in oil are microhabitats for microbial life, Science, 345(2014), pp. 673–676. 5. Day, P. and Manz, A. and Zhang, Yonghao, Microdroplet technology principles and emerging applications in biology and chemistry (Integrated analytical systems), NY: Springer, 2012. 6. S.-T. Lou and Z.-Q. Ouyang and Y. Zhang ...


Full Text (PDF)

Jul 28, 2015 ... Meckenstock RU, et al. (2014) Oil biodegradation. Water droplets in oil are micro- habitats for microbial life. Science 345(6197):673–676. 6. Day P, Manz A, Zhang, Y (2012) Microdroplet Technology Principles and Emerging Ap- plications in Biology and Chemistry (Integrated Analytical Systems) (Springer, ...


Droplet- and Bead-Based Microfluidic Technologies for Rheological

(Chemical Engineering) ... graduate student instructor for a biology lab, Dev noticed me and asked if I'd be interested in ...... microfluidic droplet-based systems present a high-throughput platform for biological and chemical research. One of the first droplet-based assay systems was the continuous gas-segmented flow.


Opportunities for microfluidic technologies in synthetic biology

May 27, 2009 ... systems and devices. Its uniqueness lies in the appli- cation of engineering principles to build biology from biology. Synthetic biology is expected to have a ..... applications. 3.2. Microfluidic in vitro compartmentalization. Production of microdroplets within microfluidic systems offers important advantages over ...


Microfluidics Integrated Biosensors: A Leading Technology towards

Dec 1, 2015 ... makes biosensing technology a powerful analytical tool capable of detecting biological or chemical molecules using electrical ..... Chemistry) [113]. 4.2. Droplet Microfluidic-Based Biosensor. Droplet-based microfluidics is one of the most significant systems to be integrated with the biosensor technology.


Digital Microfluidics

Apr 9, 2012 ... In addition, solid samples in DMF systems can be handled and used without the risk of clogging. In this review, we summarize the state of the art of DMF technology from the perspective of analytical chemistry in sections describing the theory of droplet motion, fabrication and integration, and applications.

ARAC review.pdf

Successes, Challenges, and Opportunities for Microfluidics

Feb 9, 2017 ... In addition to pointing out some of the less effective uses of this technology, we assess the most .... Most analytical systems have a temporal component built into the process, and thus any ambiguity in defining ... dispersity in product characteristics.11,12 Similarly, many chemical and biological systems are ...


Droplet microfluidics: a tool for biology, chemistry and nanotechnology

Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 82 118-125. ... based technologies, such as single-cell analysis tools, small-scale cell cultures, in-droplet chemical synthesis, ..... and organizational properties of respective tissues, a capability that was lacking with regular 2D cell culture systems. Most applications of microfluidics use the ...


Innovative technologies for in situ analysis of small multicellular

May 4, 2011 ... 1Department of Chemistry and ... emerging technology with a multitude of applications in cell biology. Global market for these technologies has been recently estimated at six billion US ... metric principles and is capable of analyzing, sorting, and dispensing objects ranging in size from 250 up to 2,000 lm.


Droplet-based microfluidics for artificial cell generation: a brief review

Recent progress in emerging fields such as synthetic biology and material science is beginning to yield new tools for the design and construction of biologi- cal pathways and systems that exist in nature, with microfluidic technologies playing a key .... The application of droplet-based microfluidics in chemistry and biology.


Extended-Nanofluidics: Fundamental Technologies, Unique Liquid

Apr 1, 2014 ... have been utilized to develop novel functional devices based on principles which were quite difficult to realize in microspaces. The science and technology of the emerging research field surrounding extended-nanospaces is expected to provide novel analytical methods for chemistry and biology.


A dielectrophoresis microjet for on-chip technologies

Sep 30, 2013 ... microdroplet actuation for emerging on-chip microfluidic applications. Introduction. Fluid control is critical to micro uidic systems,1–5 and successful uid control has supported on-chip integration for many emerging applications— including DNA analyses,6 pro- teomics,7 enzymatic analyses,8 and others.


Path-programmable water droplet manipulations on an adhesion

Jul 23, 2015 ... We showed that the platform could be used in newer and emerging microfluidic operations ... consumption, rapid reactions and the capability of integration with other analytical techniques5–8. A fair ..... generation microfluidic systems for chemical and biological applications due to their advantages, includ-.


The origins and the future of microfluidics

Jul 27, 2006 ... 1Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge , Massachusetts 02138, USA. The field of ... Revolutions in technology require both a broad range of different types of component and subsystem, and their integration into complete, func- tional systems. The field of ...


From Cleanroom to Desktop: Emerging Micro-Nanofabrication

Dec 14, 2010 ... ments and more compact analytical systems is driven by the ability to ... ical applications, including integrated cell sorters,54 ..... chemical and biological microdevices. Detailed tech- nical reviews on soft lithography can be found else- where.51,53,154,162. In addition to desktop micropatterning, a number.


Microfluidic Devices for Bioapplications

Nov 11, 2010 ... Emerging from a decade of research and development in microfluidic technology are a wide range of promising laboratory and consumer biotechnological applications from microscale genetic and proteomic analysis kits, cell culture and manipulation platforms, biosensors, and pathogen detection systems ...


Synthetic biology josi q7v2:Synthetic biology

May 6, 2009 ... 1.3.3: Developments in biology. 1.3.4: The relationship between systems biology and synthetic biology. 1.3.5: The Engineering design cycle and rational design in synthetic biology. 1.3.6: Bioparts. 1.3.7: Potential areas of application. 1.3.8: Parallels in synthetic chemistry. 1.3.9 'Bottom-up' approaches in ...

4.2. RAEng_Synthetic_biology_2009.pdf

Integrated Control of Microfluidics–Application in Fluid Routing

Chapter from the book Advances in Microfluidics - New Applications in Biology, Energy, and Materials Sciences ... System integration is an imperative developmental milestone for the field of microfluidics .... Digital microfluidic is emerging technology for precise control and manipulation of discrete liquid droplets, and it is ...



Apr 9, 1997 ... Department of Chemistry, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305; .... In this integrated microscope, ultrasensitive optical measurement at the single- ... decade. We then discuss emerging biological applications of single-molecule detection as well as some possible future directions. PRINCIPLES.