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William James and the Politics of Moral Conflict

William James and the Politics of Moral Conflict 143 in disposition with regard to our comportment toward others and thereby the very means according to which we engage in moral conflict. Without making explicit reference either to it or to its philosophical progenitor, James ends "On a Certain Blindness of Human Beings"  ...


Alzheimer's Disease and the Conflict between Ethics, Morality and

Mar 20, 2013 ... Alzheimer's Disease and the Conflict between Ethics, Morality and Politics. David Alvargonzález*. Department of Philosophy, University of Oviedo, Spain. My position is that the distinction between ethics, morality and politics lies in the supposition that human persons, as they go about their daily lives, are ...


Review of "Democracy and Moral Conflict"

Jan 31, 2013 ... Ross, Steven (2013) "Review of "Democracy and Moral Conflict"," Essays in Philosophy: Vol. 14: Iss. 1, Article 9. ... In his Democracy and Moral Conflict, Robert Talisse, essentially, applies this framework to our moral disagreements and, more importantly, to the political conflicts such moral disagreements ...


Comments on Talisse's Democracy and Moral Conflict

Democracy and Moral Conflict, Robert Talisse should have little to worry ... Whose Politics. We find ourselves in deep conflict with one another, but it would seem from Talisse's repeated characterization of the problem, that this wasn't always so. Consider ... [T]he diversity of comprehensive religious, philosophical, and moral.


1 Pluralism and the Moral Grounds of Liberal Theory 1. Political

philosophy itself. Only this time, the suggested foundation of liberal the- ory is radically different: it is not a view about human moral nature but a view about the nature of morality itself. The relationship between pluralism and liberalism is not unambigu- ous, however, as evidenced by the conflicting positions advanced by plu-.


Lawyers, Justice and the Challenge of Moral Pluralism

Moral pluralism has been widely discussed in political and moral philosophy, but its implications ... The better alternative, proposed in this article, is to view fundamental moral disagreements as moral conflicts ... building blocks for a moral conflict of interest analysis are already present in professional standards, the bar.


Impartiality in Moral and Political Philosophy. By Susan Mendus

Susan Mendus's book, Impartiality in Moral and Political. Philosophy, is an attempt to reconcile the ongoing conflict between partial and impartial concerns both in everyday decision-making and in the context of political philosophy (p. 7). The thought is since we live in a pluralist society, along with people who do not.


Multilayered Governance, Pluralism, and Moral Conflict

Part of the International Law Commons, Law and Politics Commons, and the Legal Ethics and ... Cottier, Thomas (2009) "Multilayered Governance, Pluralism, and Moral Conflict," Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies: Vol. 16: Iss. ...... philosophy and international political theory and the competing schools of thought.3 9.


Chapter 1

Nov 13, 2013 ... Public Philosophy. Public health ethics thus draws on the overlapping domains of formal political, social, and moral philosophy. However, we mainly ... ways to reason about the conflicts that arise among those ethical values—for instance, in the selection of public health interventions. mORal NORms.


Kantian Dilemmas? Moral Conflict in Kant's Ethical Theory

'grounds' can account for practical residue in conflict cases and for a plausible form of agent regret. The principle that 'ought implies can' survives intact. Jens Timmermann: Department of Moral Philosophy, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife,. KY16 9AL, United Kingdom, [email protected] Any student of the ...


The Great Tradeoff: Confronting Moral Conflicts in the Era of

imperatives as well as economic interests contend, converge and conflict with each other. Humans are moral creatures. The impulse to assign moral values to the marketplace is as old as the impulse to assign such values to war and politics . Indeed from ancient times to the present, economists, historians, philosophers,.


Politics and Morality by Susan Mendus

Politics and Morality by Susan Mendus. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2009. (ISBN: 978-0-7456-2968-1). 130pp. Cila Warncke (University of Glasgow). Politics and morality is a juicy topic. Any given day ... of Political Philosophy at the University of York, was simply .... and this is because the diverse and conflicting values are [ …] ...


Modus Vivendi, Consensus, and (Realist) Liberal Legitimacy

Yet I argue that, because of persistent ethical diversity, that realism problematically conflicts with the ..... who accepts a political framework for liberal moral reasons – respect for others as free and equal citizens, ..... profoundly divided by reasonable though incompatible religious, philosophical, and moral doctrines?” (1993 ...


Political Dilemmas

Jan 1, 2003 ... Political Dilemmas. Angel R. Oquendo. Follow this and additional works at: http:// digitalcommons.law.yale.edu/yls_sela. This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Yale Law School SELA (Seminario en ..... explain away principled conflict in the realm of moral and political philosophy. 39.


How Not to Resolve Moral Conflicts in Politics

Most political controversies are moral conflicts. * Schwartz Lecture on Dispute Resolution at The Ohio State University College of. Law, delivered April 12, 1999. ** Laurance S. ... responding to a moral conflict in politics.2 Moral conflicts are best resolved by a process .... I am a political philosopher and have no specialized ...


Moral Conflicts and Ethical Relativism

Nov 28, 2013 ... Thomas Nagel, "Moral Conflict and Political Legitimacy," Philosophy and Public. Affairs 16 (1987): 215-40, p. 215. Note that Nagel endorses pluralism in an earlier paper: "Conflicts between personal and impersonal claims are ubiquitous. They cannot, in my view, be resolved by subsuming either of the ...


John Burt, Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatism: Lincoln, Douglas and Moral

... Lincoln, Douglas and Moral Conflict. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2013, £29.95/$39.95). Pp. xvii +. 814. ISBN 978 0 6740 5018 1. The debates over the extension of slavery between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen. A. Douglas in the late 1850s have been seen by prominent political philosophers such.


Nancy Fraser and Axel Honneth's Redistribution or Recognition? A

partly a theoretical or pre-political need. That is to say that the task of a proper theory of justice cannot be only to outline the moral grammar of social conflicts and then. 20 P. van Parijs, “Why surfers should Be Fed: The Liberal Case for an Unconditional Basic. Income,” Philosophy and Public Affairs 20 (1991) 2, pp. 101 -131.


Reasonableness, Intellectual Modesty, and Reciprocity in Political

thinking about these questions systematically, and we argue that political liberalism must demand a very strong form of intellectual modesty. Political liberals attempt to show how a just and stable society could be established despite citizens' endorsement of conflicting religious, philosophical, and moral views and resulting ...


F:\The Conflicting Truths of Religion and Democracy.tif

The Conflicting Truths of. Religion and Democracy. FRANK CUNNINGHAM. Abstract: This papersuggests thatthetruths of religion and democracy are, respectively, theoc-. Tacy and moral relativism. Religion tendstoward theocracy, the thesisthat religiously influenced political norms should trumpsecular norms. Democracy ...